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Ali Raif İlaç joined the pharmaceutical industry in 1963 to “add value to life,”  and celebrates its lifetime success on its 60th anniversary. Ali Raif İlaç has always upheld its values and pursued innovative and future-oriented interests in products and services for the benefit of public health. The firm has pioneered many perspectives and achievements […]

The Ali Raif Human Resources Directorate team won the third-place award in the 2022 TEGEP Education and Development Awards, organized by the Association of Education and Development Platform of Turkey. Since 2015, the TEGEP Education and Development Awards celebrates the best corporate education and development practices in Turkey to promote and recognize good practices. And […]

Our General Manager Nihal Arslan answered questions from WORKSHOP magazine.  September 2021 Can you tell us briefly about your professional background? I graduated from Istanbul Technical University Faculty of Chemical Metallurgy Department of Chemical Engineering in 1984. I then completed the MBA program at Istanbul University Institute of Business Economics. I started my career in […]

Ali Raif İlaç R&D Director Serdar Ünlü, Ph.D., answering the questions from Fortune magazine’s special issue on R&D, emphasized that the only way to shape the future of the Turkish pharmaceutical industry and have a presence in global markets is to engage in innovative R&D efforts and undertake the correct management of industrial rights that […]

Ali Raif İlaç Sanayi, a 57-year pharmaceutical company serving the Turkish healthcare industry, has undergone a change of management. Serving as a General Manager for 32 years, Muzaffer Bal handed over to Nihal Arslan, who has been working in various positions at the company since 1990 and has been the Deputy General Manager of Marketing […]

The 18th Human Resources Summit sponsored by has united the human resources community in the Respect for Human Awards, which are presented to companies that respond to 100 percent of candidate applications, create the most jobs and receive the highest number of applications.  On the evening of May 2, more than 20,000 employers were […]

“Inside life, inside health” Ali Raif İlaç Sanayi (ARİS) is a well-established and leading organization of the Turkish pharmaceutical industry. The company has added value to Turkish medicine with the mission of “protecting and improving human health” for 55 years and has achieved its objective to expand its fields of treatment with Aris Life. Empowered […]

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