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Ali Raif İlaç derives its power from its employees. We wholeheartedly believe that a “qualified human resource” is our greatest value and strength. Every employee matters at Ali Raif İlaç.

We are working toward a stronger and more successful

Ali Raif İlaç,together with our satisfied employees.

We are working to be a successful company with employees who embrace their workplace and job, take responsibility, act ambitiously in a success-oriented manner, communicate constructively and positively, behave in a solution-oriented manner, innovate, value self-improvement and their job, and who are loyal to their workplace.

  • We take advantage of the organizational climate formed by highly motivated employees in attaining our objectives while maintaining the values of Ali Raif İlaç,
  • We design and implement processes to ensure that our employees efficiently and effectively reflect their knowledge, skills and talents to the corporate strategies,
  • We treat our employees with fairness and honesty, facilitate equal opportunity, and communicate sincerely.

Our Human Resources Processes are;

  • Selection and Placement
  • Training and Development
  • Performance and Dialog Management
  • Career and Talent Management
  • Compensation and Fringe Benefits Management
  1. Selection and Placement

    Long-term success depends on recruiting the right individuals and cultivating employee loyalty. The purpose of our recruitment process is to employ individuals who will make Ali Raif İlaç thrive.

    Our primary principle in selection and placement is to recruit individuals who fulfill the qualities and competences we define for each position to ensure that the relevant tasks are performed most effectively while adhering to the values of Ali Raif İlaç.

    Every Ali Raif İlaç employee is expected to be:

    • Loyal to the values and ethical principles,
    • Quality-oriented,
    • Success- and target-oriented, and
    • A team player open to collaboration.

    Qualities and competences required by each duty are defined. Our job postings are announced on our partner web platform.  The following instruments of psychometric measurement and scientific methodology are fully or partly used to measure the qualities and competencies required by a job in assessing the suitability of candidates for the job:

    • Competency-Based Interview
    • Personality Assessment Inventories
    • Competency Inventories
    • Vocational Competency Tests
    • English Language Test​
    • Assessment Center Practices

    Each candidate is given equal opportunity throughout this assessment process. Our company makes a job offer to the best candidate based upon these assessments.

    Click here for our current job postings if you want to ‘help us get stronger.

  2. Training and Development

    Ali Raif İlaç provides its employees training and development support to contribute to both their personal and professional development, increase their job performance and motivation, enhance intracompany communication, and maximize the company’s efficiency.

    Corporate training programs are organized for vocational, technical, and leadership development of our employees based on their area of development.

    At Ali Raif İlaç, in order to achieve better results, we strive to forge a strong corporate culture open to innovation, based on a willingness to re-discover the skills necessary to obtain knowledge and integrate this knowledge into life.

  3. Career and Talent Management

    We believe that every employee has the potential to improve in their job. Our objective is to unlock employee potential, develop the human resources who will subsequently manage Ali Raif İlaç, and to create an organization that is supported by its own human resources.

    Our priority is always to employ our own high potential and suitably qualified employees for new job opportunities in our organization and to provide our employees with equal opportunity. Eighty percent of our managerial positions are filled by internal candidates.

    We announce our open positions to our employees first to allow them to play an active role in steering their own careers.

    We appoint employees to managerial positions through the practices of the Assessment Center.

  4. Performance and Dialog Management

    Our performance management model is based on targets and competence. We aim to develop the performance and competencies of our employees through feedback as well as continuous dialog and targets that they receive throughout a given period.

    Performance assessment results are used for career and development planning of our employees.