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One of the 157 companies established in the early years of the young Republic in 1928, Ali Raif ve Şeriki was reorganized in 1963 by Muzaffer Turhan to operate in the pharmaceutical industry.

Operating with respect for people, reliability, success orientation and innovation, Ali Raif İlaç manufactured and marketed pharmaceutical products under the licenses of multinational companies in its early years. The company later began in the early 1980s to import finished pharmaceutical products and manufacture and market equivalent products, becoming a key player of the Turkish pharmaceutical industry.

The company engages in import, export, production, domestic promotion and marketing activities in 10 regional offices across Turkey. Modern manufacturing plants have been operating in the İkitelli Organized Industrial Zone since 1999, and the head office is located in the 4. Levent area, which the company moved to in 2009.

One of the 157 companies established in the early years of the young republic in 1928, Ali Raif ve Şeriki was reorganized in 1963 to operate in the pharmaceutical industry.

Ali Raif serves many fields, providing medicinal products in therapeutic areas such as cardiology, gastroenterology, internal diseases, endocrinology, neurology, psychiatry, musculoskeletal system diseases, anti-flu, antiviral, antihistamines and transplantation, as well as sweeteners, food supplements and other treatment products such as medical devices. Ali Raif continues to serve the Turkish pharmaceutical industry with 200 different pharmaceutical products, over 70 brands and the production of high-quality medications for 55 years, and we still maintain our cooperation with global companies.

We export our products to Uzbekistan, Georgia, Azerbaijan and Moldova. Among the license holders, we cooperate with in Turkey are CTS Group, Dr. Falk Pharma GmbH, Merisant, Pfizer, Mayoly Spindler, IBSA, Atnahs and Wooshin Labottach.

As a company aware of its social and environmental responsibilities, we signed the United Nations Global Compact in 2010 to represent that we have adopted and maintain the principles of Human Rights, Labor, Environment and Anti-corruption.

After engaging in research and development activities for years, our R&D department was granted the status of an R&D Center upon the approval of the Ministry of Industry and Technology on January 12, 2017.

One of the top 20 companies in terms of boxes sold and turnover, Ali Raif İlaç has always operated its business ethically with an approach that instills confidence in its stakeholders. Our mission is to add value to life with our principles of respect for people, reliability, success orientation, modernity and innovation, and to provide society with high-quality services and products to protect and improve human health. At Ali Raif İlaç, we continue to build the future by growing our production volume with a new product portfolio and as part of our localization efforts, and aim to be one of the top 10 pharmaceutical companies in Turkey with our vision that is open to new cooperation.

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