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Ali Raif İlaç joined the pharmaceutical industry in 1963 to “add value to life,”  and celebrates its lifetime success on its 60th anniversary.

Ali Raif İlaç has always upheld its values and pursued innovative and future-oriented interests in products and services for the benefit of public health. The firm has pioneered many perspectives and achievements in healthcare over the last 60 years.

Attributing 60 years of pride and excitement to working “together” with its partners in success, Ali Raif İlaç highlights the parts of all stakeholders, healthcare professionals, employees, and business partners in this inspiring story.

Powered by over 800 employees, Ali Raif will continue to grow and further advance Turkish medicine and introduce new pioneering products to the market.

The firm’s investments will maintain the steady expansion achieved through broad experience in 14 fields of treatment, over 80 brands, and more than 230 pharmaceutical products.

A prominent player in the Turkish pharmaceutical industry, Ali Raif İlaç
will adopt a sustainable management approach on its 60th anniversary and keep growing, improving, and learning “together” with its partners in success.

During the recent 60th Anniversary Launch, which also welcomed employees, CEO Muzaffer Bal and General Manager Nihal Arslan shared the success story underpinning 60 years of history as well as their targets for the upcoming period.

Celebrating 60 years of success,

To many more happy years together…