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August 2021 

Fortune magazine continues to rank the largest companies in Turkey, just as it does in the United States, based on annual net turnover, exports, and profitability before tax, etc. Ali Raif İlaç continues its steady climb on the Fortune 500 List, which saw its 14th instalment this year.

The Fortune 500 list includes Turkey’s leading enterprises as determined by sales volumes. The companies are ranked by their key financial indicators. Financial institutions and holding companies are not included in the list. The financial statements used for evaluation are obtained from the data disclosed to the public or from the sources declared by the company itself. The sub-brands of the companies that are main shareholders and companies that share incomplete data are not included in the list. Net sales and export figures are evaluated on a general list and sectoral basis. Energy companies tops the list. The energy sector, food, construction, metal, and industrial products sectors have the largest share. Twelve companies operating in the Medical and Pharmaceutical sector were included in the list, four of which are pharmaceutical wholesalers, one of which sells agricultural and veterinary medicines, and seven of which manufacture and sell medicines for human use.

Ali Raif İlaç:

  • “Increased its net sales by 22 percent, jumped 29 places, and ranked 465th in the list in 2020.”
  • “Expanded its export volume by 84 percent and ranked 44th among the top 50 companies which achieved the largest export growth.”
  • “Ranked 48th among the top 50 companies with the highest profitability.”

Embracing respect for people, reliability, success, and innovation as corporate values, Ali Raif İlaç continues its steady growth with its mission to add value to life, new health-related production facility investment, and its expanding staff. 

You can access the entire Fortune 500 List from the PDF report.

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