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The Ali Raif Human Resources Directorate team won the third-place award in the 2022 TEGEP Education and Development Awards, organized by the Association of Education and Development Platform of Turkey.

Since 2015, the TEGEP Education and Development Awards celebrates the best corporate education and development practices in Turkey to promote and recognize good practices. And the winners of the 2022 awards have been recently announced.

Ali Raif placed third and won the Bronze award in the 2022 TEGEP Education and Development Awards in the category “Talent Development Program” with its project “Aris Future Development Journey,” which nurtures potential managers to prepare them for their future roles.

The Aris Future Development Journey began with coaching sessions for 14 candidates shortlisted after the pre-assessment. Their 24-month journey included the Managing Myself, Managing My Relations, Managing My Business, and Managing My Team modules, as well as microlearning sessions. The trainings were improved and bolstered with mentor dialogues between modules. The candidate scores were closely followed to improve their performance.

After their 24 months in the Aris Future Development Journey, 36 percent of participants were promoted to their new managerial positions, and the other candidates were assessed for new positions in which they can better explore their potential.  Education and Development Department of Ali Raif Human Resources Directorate then began to work on “Aris Future Development Journey 2” with the motto “You are at the Heart of the Future” following the positive feedback, support, and insights from the program alumnus and managers.

Ali Raif draws on its 59 years of industry experience to add value to life and provide quality services and products to protect and improve people’s health. The company continues to build the future by investing in its R&D and production facilities and focuses particularly on talent development and improvement with the guiding principles of respecting human life, being reliable, fostering success, and encouraging innovation.